The 12" PRO Colour Changer suits all larger luminaires up to 2,5 kW with a front aperture of up to 266 mm. The Colour Changer is mounted via a universal adaptor that can be adjusted to a variety of standard sizes. The 12" PRO can run up to 25 single colours, while the high resolution of the built-in electronics guarantees for extremely smooth colour changes and most precise positioning.
All Colour Changers of the PRO-range offer extensive functions with regard to configuration and special features, which are being operated via the integrated 4-figure LED display. An external power supply is required for operation.
The unit is delivered with universal adaptor, four additional cranked hooks and safety cable. Cable, power supply or colour string are not included.
adaptor sizes
240, 245, 255, 270, 275, 285, 290, 295, 300, 305 mm
maximum no. of colours
string movement
3,5 s
front / rear aperture
304 / 266 mm
connector style
2,9 kg
W x H x D
416 x 393 x 87 mm
24 V (PSU)
Cat No. Description
RCC3801 12" PRO Colour Changer
RCC3822 New additional universal adaptor plate, 45 mounting option, for studio luminaires (additional frame sizes 313, 322, 343, 350 and 355 mm)
060991 Colour String with 25 colours for 12" PRO
060978 Colour String with 16 colours for 12" PRO
060977 Colour String with 11 colours for 12" PRO
060920 4-way barndoor for 12" PRO
060946 Barndoor-Adaptor for our 4-way barndoor 12" (Art.-No. 060920)
RCC125 Maxi PSU, Power Supply for 24 Scrollers 12" PRO
RCC141 Micro PSU, Power Supply for 6 Scrollers 12" PRO
RCC1101 Power/Data Cable XLR4 for power supply and DMX, 1 m
RCC1103C Power/Data Cable XLR4 for power supply and DMX, 3 m
RCC105 Power/Data Cable XLR4 for power supply and DMX, 5 m

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