The extremely compact 6" PRO Colour Changer suits all smaller luminaires with a front aperture of up to 127 mm, especially the ETC Source Four. The Colour Changer is mounted to the luminaire via an adaptor plate with integrated heatshield (Rosco heatshield), which is available in 2 different sizes. The operation without heatshield reduces the durability of the colour string considerably and is not recommended. The unit can run up to 33 single colours. The operation and menu guide is the same as on all other Colour Changers of the PRO-series . An external power supply is required for operation.
The 6" PRO is delivered with heatshield adaptor and safety cable. Cable, power supply and colour string are not included.
adaptor sizes
159 x 159 / 190 x 190 mm
maximum no. of colours
string movement
2,9 s
front / rear aperture
154 / 127 mm
connector style
1,9 kg
W x H x D
285 x 243 x 87 mm
24 V (PSU)
Cat No. Description
RCC3601/A 6" PRO Colour Changer with heatshield adaptor 159x159 mm (6,25") incl. heatshield
RCC3601/B 6" PRO Colour Changer with heatshield adaptor 190x190 mm (7,5") including heatshield
RCC2016 6.25" Heatshield with holder kit for ETC S4 / Altman Shakespeare
RCC3616 7.5" Heatshield with holder kit for ETC S4 PAR, LEKO, etc.
020641 4-way barndoor for 6" PRO
RCC125 Maxi PSU, Power Supply for 24 Scrollers 6" PRO
RCC141 Micro PSU, Power Supply for 6 Scrollers 6" PRO
069801 Standard Colour String with the 20th most popular Supergel colours for 6" PRO
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