The 8-Lite PRO Colour Changer for 8-Lite Blinders corresponds with the 15" PRO in terms of operation and all other functions, but it has a square aperture for 8-Lite Blinders. It can be mounted to Major and Thomas 8-Lite Blinders without further accessories, while different adaptor versions for other types of 8-Lite Blinders are available.
The unit is delivered with 2 safety cables but without power/data cable, power supply or colour string.
adaptor sizes
388 x 680 mm
maximum no. of colours
string movement
7,0 s
front / rear aperture
680 / 395 mm
connector style
8,5 kg
W x H x D
519 x 830 x 98 mm
24 V (PSU)
Cat No. Description
RCC4100 8-Lite PRO Colour Changer for 8-Lite Blinder
RCC413 Adaptor hook for mounting on Thomas 8-Lite Blinder
RCC414 Adaptor rails for mounting on 8-Lite PRO
060992 Colour String with 25 colours for 8-Lite PRO
060986 Colour String with 16 colours for 8-Lite PRO
060983 Colour String with 11 colours for 8-Lite PRO
RCC125 Maxi PSU, Power Supply for 12 Colour Changers 8-Lite PRO
RCC141 Micro PSU, Power Supply for 3 Colour Changers 8-Lite PRO

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