The Micro PSU is a most compact power supply and DMX splitter for 6 "small" Colour Changers (6", 8", 12") or 3 "big" units (15", 8-Lite). The Colour Changers are connected via a XLR4-output, which has an additional return socket for setting up a ring loop for longer cable distances.
The unit is delivered with M10 bold and mains cable with mounted Schuko plug. Data cable is not included.
84 / 260 V
number of scrollers per power supply
3 / 6
mains connector
CEE 22
connector style
1 x XLR4
1,4 kg
W x H x D
178 x 72 x 136 mm
Cat No. Description
RCC141 Micro PSU, Power Supply for 6 Colour Changers "small" PRO or 3 "large" PRO Scrollers
270410 Halfcoupler 2" Lightweight, incl. M10 screw and wingnut
270712 Safety cable 2 mm, 60 cm with snap link 60x6

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