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 Colourtec 8 inch scroller. 

Takes any gel combination from 2 to 16 colours. This scroller operates as a fader level tracking device, it's gel string uses no frame marking tapes or any spring loading mechanism. It is driven by two silent high speed DC motors, coupled to an inbuilt microcomputer which takes care of all positioning and tensioning. Housed in a strong aluminium case and finished in black powdercoat. This product is the result of over ten years of research in colour scroller manufacture. 



Colourtec power supply

DMX 5 pin input link with buffered output and power on a 4 pin XLR connector.

Up to four Colourtec scrollers can be daisy-chain connected to this power supply.


Professional quality scrollers manufactured to the highest standards to ensure long-term reliability. A wide range of models are available to fit almost any kind of theatrical lantern. Depending on the model, up to 32 frames of any type of gel can be user-fitted to Colourset scrollers. These products have been steadily improved and modifications in the software base which keeps these scrollers in tune with current trends whilst maintaining a common hardware platform - essential for maintaining a consistent inventory as demand changes over time  


Colourset Power Supply

A rack mountable power supply for all colourset scrollers provides the DC power and data distribution through four outlets for up to 24 scrollers. DMX512 control input with start address selector,  240/110 volt operation. 

Colourset programmable controller

The programmable controller provides a standalone control option for the colourset range of scrollers. Controls 16 colours over 16 channels of scrollers with 64 full scene memories and auto step functions.  

Colourset product range

S4 scroller suits Shakespeare, Source 4, Pacific and most 6 inch profiles. Takes up to 21 colours.   more info

1K scroller fits Par64, 6 and 8 inch profiles. Adaptor plates suit a wide range of fittings. 21 colour capacity.   more info

2K scroller has a wide 12 inch opening designed to fit 8 and 10 inch Fresnels. Adjustable mounting adaptors and barn door fittings are available for this model. more info

2.5K designed for smaller TV Fresnels where long periods of use are expected. High flow cooling fan extends gel life. 21 colour capacity, 12 x 12 opening also suits Iris 1 cyc flood.   more info

5K designed to suit Fresnels such as the Pollux and Desisti 5K range. High flow cooling fan extends gel life.Barndoors fitted to unit. 14 inch opening for wide flood usage. more info.

8W sized to fit the Thomas 8 lite DWE fittings. This touring fitting has high reliability components to ensure the tough conditions of road use. 16 colour, DMX operation. more info.

9W fits the Thomas 9 lite DWE fitting and Phillips Arena-Vision. Takes 16 colours. Fitted with a very high flow cooling system to prolong gel life.



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