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HILUX Dichroic Colour Filters

Dichroic Swatch Book

 High Transmission
 Low Heat Absorption
 Long Life

Technology has improved the dichroic coating process to such a degree that the filters come in more colours than ever before. Showcraft has a range of specially designed colours for architectural use. By using the colours of nature's light as a guide we have selected a range of colours representative of the natural golds and pinks from the sunrise light and dusky blues from the evening twilight. These colours are reproduced in the dichroic filters which in turn provide those wonderful hues and tones from all types of light fittings.


In addition to the stock colours listed below, we do supply custom colours with a modest turn around time. All product is made to  custom sizes and shapes up to 600mm diameter.

Colour Name

Gel Equivalent 

Showcraft Reference Number

Colour Sample

Lilac Tint   3041  
Lilac   3042  
Deep Lavender   3043  
Lavender Blue   3044  
Sky Blue   4053  
Marine Blue   4057  
Primary Blue   4059  
Medium Blue   4151  
Lime Green   5061  
Fern Green   5062  
Teal   5064  
Deep Amber    6011  
Golden Amber   6012  
Golden Sunlight   6017  
Bright Yellow   7001  
Deep Straw   7003  
Light Amber   7013  
Amber Sunrise   7016  
Primary Red   8021  
Fire Red   8023  
Salmon   9014  
Dawn Pink   9031  
Fuschia Pink   9032  
Deep Salmon Pink   9034  
Rose Pink   9035  
Pink Tint   9036  

Note: These colours are approximate only , and depend on your  computer's colour settings. 16 bit colour recommended.



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