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This unit will combine 2 DMX512 data streams  in HTP mode, one input has a fade-to-zero switch to allow one DMX source to be removed without effecting the output. Other functions available on request.


DMX104 Opto splitter amp

 A 4 channel DMX optical  isolation unit , with override input. 240v mains powered(110v/multi available on request) 1u rack mount.

Download Datasheet here (.PDF)

DMX Iso Wall distribution amp

Multiple Opto-coupled distributed DMX outlets mounted in a wall plate or wall cavity box.


GAM Command 2 - hand held DMX tester

DMX tester read from and write to any one of 512 DMX channels, adjust groups of channels, bright LED display, extraordinary battery life and a DMX lead tester too! 

Download Datasheet here (.PDF)

GAM Lead Test

Test for DMX output from a console ,and test DMX leads for shorts/open circuits. Battery powered

Download Datasheet here (.PDF)


GAM Opto-Iso

DMX isolator splits and optically isolates DMX signals. Battery or plug pack powered (not supplied) 

Download Datasheet here (.PDF)


GAM Switch DMX 

Automatic switcher for DMX signal, Ideal for use with the GAM Command 2 to provide a stage riggers input or as a failsafe desk connection. Battery or plug pack powered (not supplied) 

Download Datasheet here (.PDF)


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