2K Colourset Scroller

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The colourset 2k is a lightweight scroller specifically designed for a maximum lamp size of up to 12".

The two motor system allows the gel to be loaded easily and does not require any special knowledge to set the tension and zero position. This is all looked after electronically. The units are fitted with circular runners for top hats and barn doors. The 2K can is fitted with an  adjustable Gel frame which is suitable for fresnals up to 2Kw in size

Colouset 2k Specifications
Maximum colours 21
Maximum speed 0.2 Frames per second 
Control Dmx via the Colourset power supply
Operating mode 1 Fixed frame w/ speed control
Operating mode 2 Real time DMX tracking
Power requirements 24-36 Vdc   25 va
Connectors 2 x 5Pin XLR input/output
Size 440mm x 445mm x 75mm   (not including brackets)
Weight 4.0 Kg
Lantern Mounting Adjustable back plates to suit  various lanterns
Front mounting 320mm circular barndoor runners 
Finish Black satin powder coat
Cooling  Two 60mm axial fans
Gel Size 355mm x 310mm per colour
Drive System Two DC motors D.D. to rollers
Gel Tensioning Electronic


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